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  • milahamilton posted an update 2 years ago

    During that thought experiment, I realized that building endurance in a way that takes you from novice to functional athlete would be a massive value to me, much more than another 50 pounds on my squat or another 4-6 pounds of muscle.  Having settled on my goal of compressing a massive mount of cardio progress into a nearly effortless month, and as a bonus, seeing mild fat mass reduction, I decided to personally research best place to buy liquid sildenafil

    This drug brought itself a lot of controversy after trials in rats showed it is massively carcinogenic, and to this day fearmongers and supplement peddlers decry its usage, warning people that they will surely die horrible if they take this.  That stance has more than a few glaring problems, the biggest of which is as follows:

    If it causes cancer in humans on a scale comparable to its effects in rats, then where is the cancer? Where are the tumor-ridden recreational users?

    Plenty of info explaining why this is nothing to fear is available on the Internet, but to sum it all up, this particular PPAR pathway works totally different in humans than it does in rats. Also, the method of detecting cancer was flawed, incredibly flawed. From the abstract I read, their way of deciding what cells were cancerous was along the lines of testing if something was wet and deciding that if it is wet, then it must be water.  They only observed a certain kind of cell activity, one that GW1516 stimulates.  There may well not even be cancer causing side effects in rats either to buy liquid clomiphene.

    I got good and lazy and at like a slob for a short time, a gross high-everything diet as far as my macros. My resting heart rate was 73 a week ago.  Last night, 4 doses of 10mg, my resting heart rate was 65-66.  I wake up full of energy, my sleep pattern is much more stable and I feel more rested after any given amount of sleep.I used some problem solving techniques often found in business to decide what goal I wanted to devote a sizeable amount of my research budget to.