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Meta updates Ray-Ban Stories with three useful features

Meta’s latest upgrades to its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses let wearers stay connected on the go like never before

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

As Apple prepares to unveil its first foray into smart wearable headgear, the soon to be launched Reality Pro headset, Meta has been busy upgrading its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, which have been around since 2021.

Smart glasses have made significant progress in blending fashion with cutting-edge technology, and the iconic Ray-Ban Stories just got even smarter. With some exciting recent updates, these stylish eyewear companions are now equipped with three features that enhance your connectivity and convenience. Let’s dive into the details and discover how these upgrades make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Make phone calls effortlessly

In February, I revealed how Meta was working to introduce calls and messages from your phone to the Ray-Ban Stories. With the latest update to the View app, you can now say goodbye to fumbling for your phone when you receive an important phone call. Ray-Ban Stories now allow you to make phone calls directly from your glasses using your phone number. By connecting your smart glasses to your phone via Bluetooth, you can easily answer or initiate calls with a simple touch on your glasses’ temples or using your voice,”hey Facebook call Colin”. It’s a seamless and hands-free experience that keeps you connected on the go.

Send messages with ease

In addition to making phone calls, Ray-Ban Stories now empower you to send text messages directly from your glasses. Whether it’s a quick reply to an urgent SMS or a casual text message to a friend, you can effortlessly compose and send messages using your smart glasses and your synced smartphone. This feature ensures you stay connected without having to reach for your phone every time a message arrives.

For the privacy conscious Meta say text messages, phone numbers and your contact history will stay on the device and won’t be shared with Meta servers.

Time and date at your fingertips

In April, I called on Meta to introduce more voice commands for the Facebook assistant, including the ability to ask for the time. It seems the company has been listening because with the latest glasses firmware upgrade, version 21.0, Ray-Ban Stories now offer the convenience of accessing the time and date by simply asking the Facebook assistant. No more glancing at your wristwatch or reaching for your phone; a quick voice command, such as “Hey Facebook, what time is it?” or “Hey Facebook, what’s today’s date?” is all it takes to get the information you need. Stay on schedule and in the know effortlessly, leaving your hands free for other tasks.


Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses have truly become indispensable companions for tech-savvy and fashion-forward individuals, as well as those with accessibility requirements. With these recent ease of life upgrades, the glasses have taken connectivity and convenience to new heights. Making phone calls, sending messages, and getting the time and date through the Facebook assistant has never been easier. Whether you’re out for a run, attending a meeting, or have hands-free access needs as a result of a disability, these smart glasses keep you effortlessly connected to the digital world without interrupting your activities.

If you value both style and function Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses with these new features are worth considering. Stay connected, stay stylish, and let your glasses take your everyday interactions to a whole new level.

Whilst the expanding new features seem basic at the moment they are an important step in Meta’s ultimate aim to put augmented reality into fashionable lightweight smart glasses.you can wear all day  – devices capable of putting a digital layer over reality itself.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this area of wearable technology.


After posting this article Meta has just announced even more new updates to the Ray-Ban Stories to keep your phone in your pocket, and securely connect with friends and family.

Rolling out soon, look out for:

Support for Meta accounts instead of using Facebook with the View app,

Spotify Tap music extended to Android,

Smarter, more conversational messaging.

Colin Hughes is a former BBC producer who campaigns for greater access and affordability of technology for disabled people

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