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Top four feature requests for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

Enhancing accessibility and user experience

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

As technology continues to evolve, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are at the forefront of integrating fashion with advanced functionality. Here are my top four feature requests for these innovative glasses. While these suggestions stem from accessibility needs, they have the potential to enhance the user experience for everyone.

1. Emoji support in messaging

One of the exciting features that Meta should consider is the inclusion of support for emojis in messaging. Currently, the glasses can recognise and read emojis from received messages aloud, but there is no functionality to dictate emojis when composing your own messages. Adding this feature would make messaging more expressive and enjoyable. Emojis bring a touch of fun and colour to conversations, and their inclusion would enrich the user experience, making interactions more lively and personal.

2. Hands-free call hang-up

Apple has set a precedent with its AirPods Pro, allowing users to end calls using the voice command “Hey Siri, hang up.” This feature is particularly beneficial for disabled users who cannot physically press the red button to end a call. Meta should adopt a similar hands-free voice command for the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Implementing a command like “Hey Meta, hang up” would be incredibly helpful for users needing complete voice control. Additionally, it would be popular among users whose hands are occupied, such as when they are cooking or washing up.

3. Smart home device support

Another significant enhancement would be the integration of smart home device support. Imagine being able to control your lights, thermostat, blinds, and other smart home devices with a simple voice command while wearing your glasses. Commands like “Hey Meta, turn the lights on” would provide a seamless and convenient way to manage your smart home. This feature would be especially beneficial for those with mobility issues, offering a hands-free solution to controlling their environment.

4. Voice command for WhatsApp video

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are incredibly accessible, but there’s a significant limitation with the new WhatsApp video call feature. Currently, users must double-tap the upper button on the glasses during a call to turn on video, which can be impossible for some users with upper limb disabilities.

Introducing a voice command like “Hey Meta, turn on video call” while on a call would be a fantastic enhancement. Additionally, being able to initiate a call with “Hey Meta, call John on video” would further improve accessibility. Both features would effectively solve the accessibility roadblock for those with upper limb disabilities, making the smart glasses more user-friendly and inclusive.

What are your top feature requests?

These feature requests are aimed at improving accessibility and overall user experience. Incorporating these functionalities would not only benefit disabled users but also make the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses more versatile and user-friendly for everyone. What are your top feature requests for the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses? Share your thoughts and let’s envision the future of wearable technology together.
Colin Hughes is a former BBC producer who campaigns for greater access and affordability of technology for disabled people

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