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Ten cosmetic ideas for him this Christmas

Ten cosmetic ideas for him this Christmas

Knowing what to buy a man for Christmas can be a stressful task, whether it’s your dad, your boyfriend or your mate. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. It can be easy to forget that cosmetics aren’t just for women – there are plenty of products out there for the men too! So this Christmas, why not try out some of these great cosmetics and treat your man to a present he can use all year round.

1. Anti-Blemish Coverstick (£13.50 at ManKind)

It’s important to remember that men get blemishes and skin imperfections too. While some men might be hesitant to try out male makeup, this product can really make a difference to their appearance and give them a massive confidence boost. This concealer is specifically designed to target spots, blackheads and blemishes while soothing the skin and leaving the face fresh and able to breathe. It is also waterproof and lasts for more than four hours.

2. Arber Aftershave Balm (£8.50 at TheBodyShop)

Aftershave is always a good gift choice as it’s pretty easy to get right. Perfect for conditioning and softening the skin, this aftershave is a great gift for any man who finds his skin irritated by the daily shave. The scent is “earthy, woody… with a hint of citrus”.

3. E-Coy Platinum BB Cream (£18.00 at MensMakeup)

BB Cream has been popular within feminine cosmetics for a while and now it’s crossing over into men’s beauty products too. BB cream does several things at once – evens out the complexion, gets rid redness or blemishes and hydrates the skin. This particular cream uses white gold (nano-platinum) element to keep skin smooth and supple while acting as an anti-wrinkle solution.

4. Brow Set ($16.00 at MacCosmetics)

Men’s eyebrows are notoriously hard to keep tidy. This brush-on gel can help to tame unruly eyebrows and keep them looking smooth and shapely. It can also be used on lashes, sideburns and facial hair as well.

5. Sport-Stick Healing Lip Balm ($30.00 at KenMen)

Great for hydrating and protecting lips, this lip balm is perfect for any man who is constantly exposed to the elements. This particular brand is designed for men who enjoy sports but don’t want to end up with cracked and dry lips.

6. Age Defence for Eyes ($28.00 at Clinique)

The eyes are the windows to the soul and also the first part of the face to show strain or exhaustion. This cream helps to hydrate the area around the eyes and repairs the skin to improve the look of wrinkles or dark circles – a great tool for the busy, working man.

7. Olive Soap (£2.00 at TheBodyShop)

A simple and easy gift that suits any kind of man. This soap is full of organic olive oil that moisturises the skin and leaves it with a fresh, olive smell.

8. Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream (£30.00 at Clinique)

You can never go wrong with anti-aging products, specially with men of a certain age. This Clinique cream targets lines and makes them less visible by plumping the surrounding skin, giving the face a fresher, younger appearance.

9. Dove Men+Care Face Wash Sensitive (£4.49 at Superdrug)

If your man isn’t in to fancy beauty products or cosmetics, then this face wash is a great gift. It’s simple and no-nonsense but will work to cleanse the face and prevent dryness in the skin. It’s particularly good for men with sensitive skin.

10. Fudge Hair Putty (£8.56 at ManKind)

Getting the hair right is one of the hardest parts of looking your best. This styling clay holds the hair in place and can be blow-dried in to give extra volume. With the Christmas party season coming up, it will be an invaluable addition to your man’s cosmetic toolbox.

So there you have ten ideas for male beauty products this Christmas. Stick to this list and you can’t go wrong! What products do you like? Tell us in the comments by signing up for Aestumanda!

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