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Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

As a knowledgable cosmetics consultant for Elizabeth Arden once told me, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Skin is the largest organ of our body and deserves our tender loving care. If you put junk food into your body you will eventually become ill. If you do not take care of your skin with the right products it will not function to its optimim.

Skin care is not a luxury but as essential as brushing our teeth, and it can be a pleasurable experience that you look forward to every day – particularity when you start to see results.

But what about troubleshooting problems?

Be fatalistic with your products – no matter how much you have spent or how loyal you are to that brand or the product. Irritated and inflamed skin is a sign that something has reacted with your skin. If your skin is intolerant to a particular ingredient or cosmetic formula – you have to literally throw it out. Your good skin depends upon it. Take a look at any new purchases and make a break down of what you are using. Unfortunately, sometimes our skin can become intolerant to an ingredient or the formula of our favourite product after years of using. If this happens to you – see if the same line makes a product that might replace. If not, regard it as a new skin care adventure!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to good grooming because skin is as individual as you are. But I do suggest that you stick to a brand that works for you for as long as you can so your skin can benefit from the products. Too many problems are caused by changing brands to often. It takes time to see results with a skin care regimen – so don’t be too hasty to try out that new serum or cream before your skin has had a chance to benefit from what you are currently using. Patience is what counts.

Another option to consider to avoid skin care problems is to keep the basics from the same line – cleanser and moisturiser for instance. You can then add a toner (if you use it), a serum and an exfoliator from another brand. I suggest using products from the same line so that they work together. Many brands are not synergistic but some products are such as Clinique’s world famous 3-step system are. Clinique’s guiding dermatologists specifically created the system (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise) to work together. And I have found that those with sensitive skin have fewer problems when they use products from the same brand.

The key to good skincare is dedication and you don’t have to spend a small fortune either as there are excellent products in all price brackets.If you research carefully you will find that many high end brands carry less expensive lines. Shiseido is a Japanese prestige brand which carries lines which are a fraction of the premium lines price – so shop around and remember that you don’t have to buy cosmetics direct from the houses. There are a plethora of reputable online sites like www.lovelula.com that carry many brands and frequently have discounts and sales. If more natural and organic brands are your forte, then the online site www.beautybible.com is a great resource as is www.planetorganics.com. Or how about supporting your local health shop who often carry established or rare green skin care products.

The less is more approach always applies to skincare.

Overusing product is another pitfall. When it comes to applying cream or lotion, you really do only need pea sized amounts. That is all. Slopping on lots of cream won’t make it work better – the excess will just sit on your skin. And the same applies to cleanser and our rinse – off products. Ignore the commercials and advice that you have to squeeze a huge generous amount into the palm of your hand. You don’t! Be sparing with the cleanser too! The only thing you need to be generous with is the warm water you wash it away with!

And do not make the mistake of lamenting your skin! Just because a line works for all your friends or family – it does not mean it will work for you! No matter how highly rated it is. Skin is as unique as you are so don’t be dismayed if this happens to you. Just look for the brand that is right for you.

Take advertisements with a big pinch of salt.

Enjoy the romance of it all but don’t let those air brushed images fool you. This is about your skin and not the skin on an airbrushed model.

And age is NEVER an issue in good grooming. Good skin can be yours at any “age”. Don’t allow alarmist advertisements and hysteria about age push you into any corner. Choose products because you like them and because they work for you. It’s nobodies business what you use – you don’t have to tell them all your secrets.

Cosmetic acne and clogged pores due to the wrong products or the right products used wrongly are most unfortunate. It is really important to listen to your skin and choose skin care products accordingly. With so much choice now, it can be quite baffling particularly for men! But always look at what your skin’s needs are first before setting out. Be prepared to adjust your skin’s needs according to seasonal changes and bear in mind that hormones and diet can affect your skin. So choose wisely and have fun with it.

Always take our make up off before you retire for the night – however early or late. If you can’t face a full cleanse then opt for a cleansing water that will sweep off the make up and skin debris with a few swipes. Cleansing wipes are your always your last resort – never your first!

Men should not feel self conscious about buying skin care that seems to be aimed at women. Skin is skin and you’ll be interested to know that quite a few products in the Clinique for men line – such as the facial soap – were and are similar or identical. A man’s skin may have different needs but those needs can be met in a line that is marketed for women. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

Prevention is better than cure.

Good grooming need not be a chore. Just make the right choices for your skin type and you’ll soon reap the rewards and be glad you did.

Nothing is lovelier than good cared for skin.

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