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Smarter adds Siri control to its iKettle

How Smarter’s iKettle will soon be getting smarter for Apple users

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Smarter makers of the iKettle have announced Siri Shortcuts integration for its Wi-Fi smart kettle is coming at the end of this month.

Responding to a tweet from Colin Hughes, a Aestumanda contributor, the company said:

“Hey, we are about to launch a new version of the app which will include Siri, we hope to have this released before the end of the month.”

Smarter has offered Alexa and Google Assistant voice control for its kettle for a while now and has been promising Siri integration for a couple of years. The update should mean that going forward Apple users can control their kettle with voice commands.

In a follow up tweet the company told Colin Hughes they will be offering Apple Homekit integration.

“It is a Siri integration so it should work with HomeKit once you have set up Siri via our app”, Smarter said on Twitter.

However, in a second follow up tweet the company clarified:

“Hi, my apologies this would be Siri Shortcuts and not a HomeKit integration, this is something we will work on next once the new app goes live”.

Siri Shortcuts let you quickly do everyday tasks, and with the apps you use the most — all by asking Siri. The Smarter iOS app update coming soon will allow Apple users to assign phrases for a set of actions, like boil the kettle, stop boiling, ask for or set the temperature. Additionally Siri will suggest actions for you based on what you do.

The iKettle, currently in its third generation, is one of a few smart kettles on the market that allow users to boil water remotely either with an app or with Alexa, Google and soon Siri voice commands.

The iKettle is priced from £99.00 in the UK.

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