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Why sunscreen is your first defence

“Cleanse, tone, moisturise” is a mantra that generations are familiar with. But there is a new mantra on the block: “sun protection, sun protection, sun protection”. With the depletion of the ozone layer, outside aggressors like pollution and stress of modern life – our skin has plenty to contend with. So the need to nourish and protect the skin is of paramount importance to preserve and maintain its beauty. Sun protection may one day become as indispensable as toothpaste. It is still the one beauty product that helps prevent skin cancer and premature ageing. Yet, 85% of the US population is still unaware that the primary cause of skin ageing, brown spots, wrinkles and cancer are the sun’s rays. While Australia has less incidences of skin cancer than UK. A popular misconception is th...

Five places to shop cheap online this Christmas

Christmas is drawing closer and it’s time to start grabbing those last minute presents. But if you don’t want to brave the chaos of the high-street, shopping online can be a great alternative. Here are a list of shops that will deliver your presents straight to your house and have incredible, low prices too! 1. Humbara.com This clothes shop has some great styles and they deliver worldwide. But the best part is, everything is £5. Dresses, t-shirts, trousers, shoes, accessories and underwear are all £5 on this website. They also offer the chance to win £50 each week according to their Facebook page. This is a great site if you want something cheap but stylish. 2. Amazon.com Amazon offer pretty much anything, from electrical goods to books to clothes. Their items are a range of prices but, de...

Ten cosmetic ideas for him this Christmas

Knowing what to buy a man for Christmas can be a stressful task, whether it’s your dad, your boyfriend or your mate. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. It can be easy to forget that cosmetics aren’t just for women – there are plenty of products out there for the men too! So this Christmas, why not try out some of these great cosmetics and treat your man to a present he can use all year round. 1. Anti-Blemish Coverstick (£13.50 at ManKind) It’s important to remember that men get blemishes and skin imperfections too. While some men might be hesitant to try out male makeup, this product can really make a difference to their appearance and give them a massive confidence boost. This concealer is specifically designed to target spots, blackheads and blemishes while soothing the skin and lea...

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